Just home for a quick change because silly me walked out of the house this morning without my diaper bag! I guess I shouldn’t have been drinking all that coffee if I didn’t have a change with me! 🙂 hehe

So here is my rant for the day… is anyone else sick of hearing about the psycho astronaut lady who like hunted down her husband across the country wearing a diaper?  Someone was talking about this at work today and it made me think some about it! The thing is it is not the fact that she was chasing her husband and his girlfriend or whatever down all the way across the country that is so “strange” to everyone about this story, instead it is the fact that she was wearing a diaper so that she wouldn’t have to stop that is so “weird” to everyone. Common’ if we don’t have enough issues trying to be taken seriously and showing people that we are not some odd group or strange group of people who are social outcasts now we have this lady who makes those like us (or at least I am speaking for me here) that wear diapers even more weird.  I don’t know why for once there can’t just be something that people accept that is outside of the “norm.” Now, I am not one who really cares about what others think but I am just tired of hearing people talk with discust about wearing diapers..THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!! And thanks a lot to this astronaut lady who yet again gave a bad name to wearing diapers…..

Alrighty, well sorry for that rant 🙂 More from me later!!.