I got a message today from a reader, I apologize that it has taken me so long to respond! Anyways…to make the question short it was a reader who said that a woman from the census came to the door and since she had already seen him he had to go to the door in just his diaper and shirt. He said that she never said anything just looked him straight in the eyes the whole time, anyways he asked me if anything like this had ever happened to me!

I have never had to go to the door in just a diaper and my shirt, I usually try to go to the door fully clothed even though I do walk around a large majority of the time in just my diaper and a t-shirt, it is my favorite thing to wear. If I am not wearing that I usually like to wear some kind of light sun dress or something like that around the house! The closest to that I have had was the other day when I had to go chasing my dog out the door and was outside in the front of my yard in my t-shirt and diaper. So hopefully this answers your question!

Please if you ever have questions feel free to email me through the site! I love to answer as many as I can and it helps me have better ideas for posts 🙂 Goodnight!!.