So, my traffic lately to this site has increased exponentially and has become very popular. The load on my server has definitely increased and in terms of keeping the speed on the site up I have had to upgrade my server. This among other things including the increasing rate of people stealing my photos and using them for themselves to imitate me or what not PLUS the costs of running this site and the amount of work to keep up with it. I would like to pose a question to those that may be interested. I have considered doing something like this for awhile as I have a TON of photos and we take a lot of photos and what not. But, I wanted to gauge interest. If you all wouldn’t mind answer this question for me I would really appreciate it.

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This will give those interested in seeing a lot of updated diaper photos of me and what not plus also just paying a super small fee each month of between $2-$3 (not much at all per person) – which from at least several people can help offset some of the costs of maintaining this site and time put in. It would help me out a great deal without much from anyone else. It would of course be anonymous and secure.

NOTE: This would only be for an exclusive updated often photo section and every other part of this site would be free as always.