Pull on Cloth DiapersCame across these when I was looking around online and though that it was kind of interesting! These are pull on cloth adult diapers. I am sure that they have been out there for a while but this is the first time I have seen them! Has anyone ever tried these? I have only seen cloth diapers which you fasten yourself and I didn’t know if these are the kind that people are using! This is how the site that I found them on describes them: “Soft woven, 100% pure cotton pull-on adult diapers from Gary┬«, with their superior absorbency of terry layers in the crotch area, offer maximum protection and discreetness and none of the bulkiness around the hips. Moreover, this pull-on adult flannel diaper is made with comfortable elastic waist and leg bands. It the perfect combination when used with our soft waterproof vinyl plastic bloomers for heavy over night bedwetting.” They sound very nice but I have never tried them!.