This Provider’s Choice Active Ultra Plus Adult Diaper Review actually comes from a Guest Post blogger by the name of Nick Payne. This is his review of the Active Ultra Plus. I have personally tried these diapers and love them so I can answer any questions as well about them. But, I think Nick does a great job providing some great details on this adult diaper.


The Active Ultra Plus (AUP) is basically a Bambino Bianco with a Velcro landing zone in the front and 4 large Velcro tapes instead of the usual plastic and sticky tape tab system. This is extremely useful for those who need to make several adjustments for maximum comfort or who simply want to take it off for later use. It’s an all-white diapers with no exterior markings or prints whatsoever. The exterior plastic is smooth and soft, similar to the Biancos but not quite the same. There is a very thin blue wetness indicator that runs through the middle, although it’s somewhat hard to notice without a close look. It provides a soft crinkle with movement, but not obnoxiously loud. It would be easy to hide under jeans or a dress. It stands about 0.4” thick uncompressed and dry so this is not a diaper that should be considered easy to hide under just any clothing. Both the front and rear sections have elastic “waistbands” that help the diaper to stretch and accommodate movement a bit easier, however I didn’t notice an appreciable difference vs. diapers without them. These waistbands are basically just crinkled up plastic and cloth that stretch a little bit but don’t have much power to actually hold anything snugger than the tabs would. I wear size 38 men’s pants and the large size (45″ – 58″ waist) fits me very comfortably. The ultimate drawback of the otherwise awesome Velcro tab design is the fact that although each tab is rather wide at about 1.5” each, the actual Velcro strip is only 0.5” wide and is merely glued on to the tab. This has caused problems for me as after about 2 hours the Velcro strip tends to simply unglue itself and the tab becomes useless then. I found a pretty easy way to fix this however, by stapling the Velcro to the tab before I put it on. Voila! Problem fixed in a few seconds before putting it on.


Internal features:

This diaper is fully padded all the way up to both the front and rear waistbands. The wings are not padded but the entire diaper is plastic save for the tabs/front panel. The leg gathers are elastic and help to ensure a snug fit and didn’t chafe me either. This diaper does feature standing leak guards that are fairly soft and have worked rather well for me. The AUP is almost exactly like the following picture, but does not have the blue strip in the middle. The interior cloth cover panel is a “honeycomb” sort of pattern, perhaps for better wicking.



This is overall an extremely absorbent diaper. It holds multiple floodings rather well. I’ve flooded it about 3 or 4 times before it started to leak, usually about the rear leg gathers. I would estimate this diaper to hold about at least 2 liters or so in total but I’ve never rigorously tested it. One odd quirk I noticed is that after taking the diaper off after wetting, some of the absorbent crystals would be stuck to my damp skin as if they were somehow forced out from the padding. I’m not sure why exactly this is, but fortunately it was never a large amount of crystals, maybe a pinch or two.

Overall this is a very well performing diaper with minor issues. The tape problem is extremely easy to fix, and the “crystal leaking” wasn’t too bothersome for me but may be for people with more sensitive skin. Very competitive with other top brands, and in a category all its own because of the unique combination of all plastic backing with refastenable Velcro tabs.


 About Nick Payne

Im just a normal guy stuck in Indiana who has been cursed with being a Diaper Lover his whole life. Im still finding my place in this world, and aim to help others find peace with it as well. Im out only to a few friends, but that doesnt mean life is easy for me. Just graduated college and finding a new direction in life.