Wearing diapers for many of us is not a need but a want, which is completely fine.  If it is what makes you feel comfortable, secure, etc. then thats fine.  But, the point has come to my attention that whether you wear diapers for your own personal health reasons or just because you want to does not give you the right to impose that life on others in the public.  I have read many message boards where certain people complain to everyone else why they are so ‘scared’ to show off their diapers in public.  Granted, everyone has their opinion but honestly what is the POINT of showing off your diaper in public?  There is none…besides the fact that most likely it ‘turns you on’ somehow.  So, basically your engaging in some sort of sexual fantasy in public?

Many people have professional lives outside of their private lives and do not want to be flagrantly flaunting their diapers.  They (such as me) may not care if someone catches a glimpse or happens to see your diaper peeking out or what not because they may just assume its a disability or not a big deal.  But, there is no need to go and ‘show off’ your diapers to the world.  This was the case in a previous article about a diaper flasher in which he could now get in serious trouble with the law for such an act.  Not everyone can afford to risk their professional and/or personal life by flaunting the fact that they wear diapers..