So, I am sure everyone is wondering what happened to the regular posting – its coming back have no fear. We are actually getting ready to move very soon so its been hectic trying to prepare for that. I am sure many of you could relate to that.

Moving is so stressful for me because for one thing it is expensive but unfortunately necessary. Can we say credit cards are gonna get worn out with all this. Moving companies also seem to be really sketchy depending on who you go with it.

But, anyways we have been slowly packing up and trying to get quotes and tying up loose ends before we move. But, we are excited. We are moving somewhere a lot nicer and one huge positive is that it is semi-private! Which means lots of new photos going to be taken around the yard and what not. Where we are now – can’t exactly ‘flaunt’ myself around because of a multitude of reasons including no yard, very public, and kids are around.

I have gotten a few questions about the “new” photos in the premium section. The newest ones are coming – have no fear. I am just finishing up posting ones that are a year or so old. Then, the new ones will start getting posted. I know some of you have seen some of the older ones but many have not! But, have no fear – new ones are coming VERY soon.

Also, I want to make everyone aware that there are over 540 photos in the premium section. So, there are still a lot of photos to browse through and are updated 2-3 times a week so – I like to keep fresh content going in there. Its fun for me honestly!

Anyways – just kind of wanted to give people a heads up on what was going on – moving! Exciting but stressful so bare with me everyone – and as always I thank you for the support. This site gets more popular every week and my traffic continues to increase. So, even though it is more expensive I am glad I upgraded my server because it has for the most part been running flawlessly.