So, I know I have been a little inconsistent with posting and I do apologize to those who follow my blog closely.  I promise I am making an effort and will make a harder effort now to post more regularly.  I honestly want to post more often – I just don’t want to post garbage material that people are not going to find helpful or interesting.  Me posting a typical day stuff is boring – at least to me.  But, then again maybe I am not looking at it from an outsider’s view.  But, I promise I am going to post more and be more consistent as I do want to grow this blog and keep my readers.

One thing I do not appreciate is people messaging me and try to make me feel like I “owe them” or “I have to” post on my blog in order to live up to their expectations.  This blog is for myself first and helping people right after that.  I post on it when I have time and when I feel something may interest people or be helpful.  Yes, I say I am going to post more and I make every attempt to at that time – but I cannot predict life sometimes and I just get caught up with some of the dramas in life.  I follow other people’s blogs and I never ask them to post or pressure them to feel like they need to post for me.  I would appreciate the same understanding and kindness from certain people – who know who they are.  That is all I am going to say about that.

But, for those who do follow my blog – I promise I am making every attempt to post more frequently and will try harder.  Expect a REVIEW coming soon…maybe today..