You are probably looking at the title of this post and thinking, “Well that is a strange title”.  But, I wanted to discuss a feeling that I think many adult babies and diaper lovers can relate to.  When I have a diaper on, I absolutely love when Peter will come up behind me when I am just standing there or if I am laying down and just pat the seat/bottom of my diaper.  An action that is in essence so simple sends a rush of feelings to my head and I just love it.  I know he likes it when I do it to him too.  I think it is a feeling of security and safeness that makes me like it so much.  But, I will admit I like the crinkle sound when he pats my butt…I know…I’m strange.  But, I know there have got to be other people out there that love that feeling and the crinkle sound it makes when someone pats their diapered butt.

I think there are a lot of small things with diapers that I like.  Of course, there are the big things that I enjoy but I think the small things with diapers are really what make the feeling of wearing diapers even more special to me.  Not many others things can not only relax me but also make me feel happy at the same time.  I mean there are other things of course, but not as many as you would think.  I know, random post, but this was something I got to thinking about and noticed every time it happened and how I felt so I wanted to see if others had the same feeling or had other small things that they really loved about wearing diapers?.