The economy is rough now-a-days and even Adrian Surley is not immune to it.

If you have followed my blog long enough you may know that I lost my job a while back. I use to be an engineer but where I worked recently laid off a bunch of people. Lucky me! Anyways, it has allowed me to try and refresh myself while I look for another job.

But, in the meantime I have been able to get a part-time job…nothing glamorous but it will hopefully suffice a little. I was able to get a position at a local pet clinic helping to run the place. It is kind of nice because I love pets and it is low stress. Not what I am use to. But, it has good hours and should suffice for a little while. We are possibly thinking about moving! That is a secret for now where we are thinking about moving to but it most likely will happen in the next 6 months…so that is sort of exciting.

Adrian Diaper DressI must say though – working with cozy and fluffy pets while wearing diapers…there is nothing more innocent I guess than that! Right now we have a lot of stray cats because people bring them in because they find them and don’t want them freezing to death outside. So, its sort of fun to nurse many of them back to health and watch them go on to new owners.

One positive is that I get to wear scrubs which fit perfectly and comfortably over my diapers. I can wear a Bambino with a booster pad and not worry about a thing. I mainly work alone or with one other person and in the short time I have worked there the topic has inevitably come up between her and I. It was inevitable. The crinkle and working together to wash dogs, leaning over, etc – well, it was just a matter of time. But, she didn’t care at all. I have told hundreds of people in my lifetime but to this day I still always get a “tiny” bit nervous how people will respond, particularly people that seem nice and I could see myself becoming friends with. I want them to accept it. She did and thought it was kind of neat – I will quote her:

I bet they are sort of puffy and comfy, I could see that being kind of comfortable in all honesty. You got me curious that is for sure.

So, that was kind of nice to get out of the way in the first 2 weeks. I have been working there now for about 2 months off and on. They are starting to give me more hours so I am happy with that.

Anyways, that is an update on my life – nothing too exciting – don’t judge me…I know your probably thinking what is an engineer doing working in a pet clinic. Sometimes life throws barriers at us – we just jump over them and try to keep moving.