I have gotten many questions on what I wear, specifically pants, with diapers.  This can be somewhat tricky depending on the type of clothing you are into.  I am into fairly typical clothing meaning a nice pair of jeans maybe paired with a cardigan, tank top or t-shirt.  When wearing a diaper I don’t typically pay too much attention to the clothing I pair the diaper with.  I have multiple types of diapers including Bambino Diapers (obviously thicker) and Attends (obviously a bit thinner).  So, I have a fair amount of pair of jeans, some that are looser and some that are extremely tight.  For the looser ones I tend to be able to fit a Bambino Diaper into it without much problem but if I wear my tight jeans or pants then I will typically go with a thinner diaper such as an Attends paired with a booster pad to add some more absorption.

I do own both jeans and khaki type pants and khaki type pants/shorts are definitely easier to wear a thicker diaper with probably because they have a bit more stretch and leniency in the fit then jeans do for women.  For men, I would imagine this not being too much of a problem when it comes to any size diaper unless you are into wearing slim fit jeans or skinny-jeans.   But, I know most men wear relaxed-fit or classic-fit which typically allows more room in the bottom section to accomodate a thicker diaper such as Bambinos just fine or a thinner one such as Attends or Prevail diapers.  All pants are cut different in the crotch so you just have to really get to know the cut of the pants.  Obviously if you have a pair of pants/shorts that are tighter in the crotch area then you most likely don’t want to wear a super thick diaper unless you want to look like you are wearing a diaper (i.e. major bulge).

Now, for women I do own a few pairs for shorts that I absolutely love wearing with diapers as they are from Hollister and they fit magnificently.  They accomodate a thicker diaper and are short enough that when you sit you can slightly see (not too much) of the diaper in the leg areas poking out.  Obviously, for respect reasons I wouldn’t wear this attire out to a place like a mall or movie theatre.  But, I have worn it to the park, beach, and outdoor activities wear I would consider it a bit more ‘acceptable’.  Hopefully, I have shed some light on diapers with clothing for those who were curious.  If you have any more questions please feel free to ask..