Alright first off I’m very sorry for not posting again last night! After we ate dinner Peter and i curled up on the couch and I ended up falling asleep and did not wake back up until 5 am! So at that point I just got up and took a shower and the such getting ready for today! I came home to change myself because my stomach was upset from something I ate for breakfast and I think it is a little too messy to do in the bathroom at work! Luckily since I Went in early this morning so I don’t feel as bad about leaving for a while!

So I am trying to find a new diaper that I haven’t tried before to Order! We are starting to get low so i want to order a few more cases cause I always love TONS of diapers so I never have to worry about having to conserve..any good ideas on what or where to order?

Alright off to change and back to work.. Happy Hump Day!!!.