I experimented with something new this past weekend.  I am one who is very prone to  diaper rash and irritation on the sides of my legs. Anyways, I have used oil in the past but it gets all over my hands and after I finished putting on my diaper it has gotten on the tapes and is no longer sticking to many anymore. So….I went on a search this past weekend to find something new!

While I was shopping around at Target, I found this oil gel from Johnson and Johnson and I was wondering if anyone has ever had experience with this type of product.  I tried to use it this morning and even though I still had to wash my hands after I put it on it does seem to be working! It was also very smooth feeling when I put it on and didn’t seem to get everywhere! Needless to say, I am very impressed with this product and was just wondering what anyone else thought! Or, if you know something else that works just as well!

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