Everyone knows that has ever had constipation problems that fiber is one of the biggest helpers. I am big believer in staying away from enemas and other forceful mewp_es of releasing wastes. Messing in my diaper was somewhat of a challenge at first because of the mental aspect of it. Everyone knows that sitting on a toilet, it is much easier for some reason to just release but in a diaper even in that same position it is way more difficult. The reason is being comfortable and typically not having to go as bad as you think. Fiber I believe is very important because it provides that bulk that causes you to feel the urge to go #2. If you are not getting enough fiber then most likely you are not going to be going #2 in your diaper very much, which not having bowel movements is very unhealthy. So, this is your warning from Stacey 🙂 – get enough fiber and do it the healthy way instead of always going for forceful mewp_es that are not natural such as enemas and extreme laxatives..