I have been attempting to find a logo that can represent the ABDL community that will be adopted by them and accepted.  I think I may have found one.  A fellow ABDL friend and myself designed a logo that we have presented to quite a few other ABDLs and they love it.  They said it is pretty discreet but yet represents and would be recognizable to the adult baby and diaper lover community alike.  This is just a sample copy of it below but some feedback would be nice:

ABDL Logo SampleAs you can see it is like the shape of a flag.  It has the typical traditional colors of the adult baby and diaper lover community.  It basically translates into “I Love/Heart Diapers” if you couldn’t tell.  It has the “I” and then the diaper symbol is also in the shape of a heart.  I honestly really like the design and can see it catching on.  I can see myself with a sticker or something along those lines or maybe a keychain even.  I don’t know – I like it, personally.  I think the logo represents the adult baby and diaper lover community accurately for the most part but yet it is discreet enough that a stranger wouldn’t be able to look at it and tell exactly what it means or is.

I know there will be some who do not like it or criticize the attempt to make a symbol for the ABDL community but I think we really need one that people know about and can actually recognize and use.  Feedback is welcome and if all goes well then we can take the next steps in spreading it and building its recognition from there.