My opinion of people who wear diapers and are not incontinent is not negative at all.  Just because I am incontinent does not mean I don’t enjoy the same thing about wearing diapers as the rest of the community.  While, I came to love diapers probably in a different way than most of you as I grew up wearing them while many other ABDLs stumbled upon them or somehow found a love for wearing diapers.  While, I don’t regard my love for diapers as “fetish” because I do not focus on them or see them as a sexual object or in a sexual way.  I see it as more of enjoyment, fun, comfort, security, and also a little bit of fashion!  But, I recognize many people in the community do not see it like this solely and do see it in a more sexual way or in other ways.  I am a very free and open person and I do not judge others.  My opinion of people who wear diapers that don’t need them is that I am happy for you and glad you found something that makes you feel good, so long as you are not hurting anyone else.  I am a big believer in not letting diapers or any other “fetish” or what not cause a major hindrance on your social life.

I have a strong connection to the ABDL community and I find us very different from other communities.  This adult baby and diaper lover community is different kind of community because it doesn’t completely center around sexual connotations and ideas.  Many people who wear diapers are just doing it for the comfort, security, sounds, etc.  This is a far-cry from many other “fetish” or communities in my opinion because they focus more on the sexual side while the ABDL community does not focus on that as much.  Which, in my opinion makes us special and an outlier among all the communities.  I am honestly proud to be part of the ABDL community and to meet so many wonderful people.  And because I am feeling good – I included a recent photo below!

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