Well since I had a response to my post on what you all would like to hear about.. I figured I would go ahead and respond to one of your questions.

Attends_99 asked about how I get my diapers without a waste band to fit so well. Well I’m not really sure that I do anything special but when I am putting my diaper on I make sure to lay down and pull it up so it is nice and tight…then I pull the tapes around as far as they can go. Once you get the first tape on (sometimes you have to adjust if it isn’t tight enough) you then just pull the other ones around pretty much as far as they go. Sometimes another trick I use that I think that helps is I tuck some of the excess diaper at the type that just sticks out into my diaper and that causes it to become a little tighter, but this is not a necessity. Of course, you need to make sure you get the correct size diaper for you but most people have that down 🙂

Hope this helps!! And if anyone ever has any other questions feel FREE to ask!!! I love helping in any way I can!.