Bambino Diapers Best Adult DiaperBambino Diapers is probably the best adult baby and diaper lover diaper maker on the market right now as far as performance, comfort, price, privacy, and appearance goes. Some people will argue there are a couple others – but consistently Bambino Diapers outperforms the others in multiple categories. They are consistent and put out an amazingly absorbent diaper in multiple styles. They cater to the ABDL community and any person within the ABDL community can appreciate that.

The question is what could be the next move for Bambino Diapers? Or, more importantly what would people really truly like to see next from Bambino that would make you go “YES!” or “Wow!”. Everyone of course will have their own opinions and wants but there typically is a consistent overall consensus.

Personally, what I would like to see come out next is simple but I think would be a huge hit in the adult baby and diaper lover world. I would like to see a thick (as thick or thicker than the Bambino Bellissimo) all-white adult diaper with blue tapes. If they had to add thickness somewhere more than others I would like to see the thickness more in the butt and back of the diaper. It adds that babyish feeling to it. The blue tapes bring back memories of the original Attends Diapers with the blue tapes that everyone loved so much before they did away with them. I think a very thick all-white, soft-plastic adult diaper with blue tapes would sell like wildfire and I would be their first customer to jump on it and buy it. Just thinking about that diaper makes me excited if they were to EVER come out with it.

Other things I think would be neat would be the Bambino Bellissimo diaper but with a different design.

Bambino Diapers specializes in making the best adult diaper on the market and hopefully they stick with the trend of adult baby diapers and grow that line of products more and more – I would much rather see that then them try and branch off into other random adult baby items. Because in the end, the importance of the diaper is #1 typically in an ABDL’s mind. If the diaper doesn’t feel babyish or good or comforting or perform right – then, it ruins the feeling of that babyish feeling to some extent.

So, the question is what is next for Bambino Diapers? Whatever it is, I am sure it will be exciting – in the meantime I will be waiting and anticipating hopefully my all-white adult diaper with blue tapes 🙂