I have said for a little while now that I wanted to upload my massive collection slowly of new photos that I have been accumulating of myself over time. Problem was that the previous host I was on was not capable of handling the traffic and amount of content I had. Now, that I have switched over to a new host (quite a bit more expensive one) – you should notice a speed and performance increase as well as I am now able to upload more of my content. Over the coming weeks – those of you who are signed up for my Premium Content Photos section will start to notice a lot more high quality, newer, organized and more variety of photos since I have been taking so many photos over time. I will post most of my photos in that PremiumContent section but I will obviously post random photos in my blog posts as well.

Diapers at the Gym

With all the new photos – I am trying to give a peak into my life whether it is working out at the gym in diapers, going to work, hanging out, movie theater, etc. So, as a “teaser” for these new photos I thought I would post one to hopefully my loyal ABDL following excited as well as let people know I am serious about continuing to grow this site and adding more photos, experiences, interaction and more. I have big plans now that I am on a new host that can actually handle the traffic demands this site receives. Anyways, here is the new diaper photo I took of myself at the gym (this was in the bathroom).

Most importantly I want people to realize that with all the new photos, experiences, and hopefully videos (if I can afford the bandwidth) – that I want people to see that living with wearing diapers really isn’t that awful. I do everything you would do – I just have to take a few extra steps essentially. Plus, I enjoy sharing with the ABDL community – after all it has been a community that has embraced me, supported me and also was the community I found when I was younger that helped me become the woman I am today, confident.

If you are wanting to sign up for the Premium Content Section, it really helps to support my blog and helps cover a lot of the costs associated with this site. Again, thank you everyone – I truly appreciate everyone’s loyalty and support. HUGS!