So, the photo collection in the Exclusive Photo section is up to ~535 photos in total so far.  So, already a lot of photos in there. BUT, there are tons more coming.

I have completed almost uploading all the photos I have taken roughly 2-3 years ago and beyond. I am starting to now get into posting photos that are more recent within the last year and up to today.

Adrian Surley in Diapers Public

I also have a bunch of Peter and Peter and I which I am going to put into a separate album in the exclusive photos section in case anyone is actually interested in seeing those as well. I know a lot of people just want to see me but we can make Peter feel special and put some of his in there also 🙂

But, just wanted to post an update to everyone in regards to that – as it took me awhile also to resize and edit some of the newer ones as well. But, I like to keep all my supporters updated in that regard.

Also, if anyone is interested in writing a post or guest posting – I am open to it. Just contact me on my contact page and let me know!