With the New Year and finally a cleaner blog design that I can be satisfied with – I have made a New Years resolution to post everyday at least something on this blog.  Some days the posts will be really good and some days they may just me minor updates and happenings but I want to bring this blog back to the regularity that it once had.  That is not to say I won’t miss a few days but I vow to increase the regularity.  Sometimes ideas are hard to come by and I have writers block lol.  I am always open for suggestions on what people would like to hear and learn about so please if you have some share them and I will address them as soon as possible.  In an effort to also clean up this blog I will be going through a lot of my posts and certain parts of the site and modifying it to make it look a little cleaner and better whether that is removing or adding stuff.  So, definitely be on the lookout for more photos.  A review of the NEW Secure Plus with pictures and all is on the agenda and will be up in the next 24-48 hours..