As many of you know I have been working on slowly adding new features to I Heart Diapers…well I have officially added a few new things.  First, I added a new email system for a way of contacting me.  It is sort of like a ticket system.  It allows me to respond to emails within WordPress which is a lot easier for me personally so I should be able to respond to everyone a lot faster and easier.  Second, and the biggest change of all is that I have added PROFILES and a way to login to I Heart Diapers.  This allows you to register through I Heart Diapers or you can also use your Facebook account to login/register.  You can upload an Avatar and everything.  It is like your own profile on I Heart Diapers – if you choose to have one that is.  You can comment on posts without one as normal but if you visit here a lot and would like your own profile then feel free to register through I Heart Diapers or using your Facebook account.  If you notice anything weird or glitching, please contact me as the only way to work out the kinks is if people start using the new features..