I received my New Bambino Diapers last week and I have had a good chance to look at them and test them out fully before doing this review.  I wanted to do a complete and thorough review of this diaper since there seems to be a lot of misnomers and falsehoods out there.  So, here we go.

The New Bambino Diaper comes with a brand new and very cute print on it that I actually like better than any of the other prints on the market…it doesn’t look too fake but more resembles a baby diaper print which I like.  The best way I could describe it is that it looks like the “Hello Kitty” type graphic…here is a quick photo of the face of the diaper.

New Bambino Diaper

Front of New Bambino Diaper

The first thing I noticed when I took it out of the bag besides the cute print was that it was definitely a bit thicker than the Bambino Classico, Classico, or Teddy.  We are not talking inches thicker so don’t go exaggerating what I am saying but its noticeable.  After I let it sit out for awhile you can definitely tell that it gets a bit thicker after it decompresses.  Many people are wanting to compare the thickness factor to other brands of diapers.  This point is not a big deal to me because I don’t like having a super bulging diaper that I can’t wear in public.  But, I would say besides a Dry 24/7 or Abena X-Plus…it is thicker than most every other diaper – especially after you let it decompress.  When I say it is not as thick – we are talking centimeters…negligible amounts basically unless you want to nitpick.  Here are a few comparison photos with a Secure X-Plus adult diaper and the New Bambino Diaper:

New Bambino and Secure X-plus Diapers

New Bambino and Secure X-plus Diapers Comparison

New Bambino and Secure X-plus Diapers

New Bambino and Secure X-plus Diapers Comparison Photo

New Bambino and Secure X-plus Diapers

New Bambino and Secure X-plus Diapers Side Photo

I left both these diapers out for over 24 hours and you can definitely see that the New Bambino is thicker than the Secure X-Plus diaper…again its not huge amounts.  I did notice a lot of thickness was in the SEAT of the diaper which I appreciate and I like the feeling of a little more padding in the seat of the diaper.  Honestly, the whole thickness factor is really sort of inconsequential to me as long as its not super thin.  The performance, absorbency, and fit are the most important things to me in a diaper and in those categories the New Bambino Diaper in my opinion beats it’s competition.

Absorbency: Bambino advertised that this diaper has more absorbency and they were not kidding.  While I am no scientist about it – I like to think I am a pretty good judge of diaper capacity since I wear full time.  The New Bambino Diaper definitely had a little more powerful absorbency than the other Bambino Diapers did and in my opinion, is the best absorbency diaper you can buy.  They use the most SAP in their diaper which is what does most of the absorption.  A lot of other companies want you to think their diaper is absorbent and use wood pulp or “fluff” in their diaper which doesn’t absorb much at all but makes a diaper look thicker.  Bambino uses a lot more SAP which makes the diaper the most absorbent diaper on the market.

Performance: I thought the performance was just as good as the other Bambino Diapers – maybe a little better in terms of wicking the urine away from you so as to prevent diaper rash.  But, it was a perfect combination with the absorbency I think to get maximum use out of this diaper.

Comfort: The fit is PERFECT on me now…the sizing is a little different (not much) but a little – just enough to make the fit perfect on me now! Which made me happy – I know some people are a little different sizes so this can vary but the fit is really important to me and is where this diaper shines in my mind as well.  Besides that, the INNER LINING of the diaper is SOFTER also in my opinion…not sure what they did but I compared the softness to the Bambino Bianco and while they are both soft – you can tell a difference and it feels really nice against the body.

Appearance: The appearance I think is really well done this time and I think they put a lot of time into it.  They are even having a naming contest of the diaper on their Facebook page where you can win free diapers from them basically.  I think the cuteness factor of the diaper is one of the best out there.

Tapes: The tapes have been as secure as the original Bambino Diapers – I have not experienced any tapes popping off but then again I am not squeezing into the diapers.  If you are trying to squeeze into the diaper or any diaper for that matter – tapes may pop but based on my experience and some others – this does not seem to be the case for the majority of people.

Price: While the price has gone up – this is probably the only negative but then again you can’t really call it a negative if they put more money into making the diaper better plus the fact that its a unique diaper.  The combination of better absorbency, better fit, performance, and a cute print on it make the price worth it to ME!  Others will of course feel different based on what they think is appropriate and their own preferences.

Close up of new bambino diaper

Close up of new bambino diaper

I have always been a loyal fan of Bambino Diapers because of their professionalism in designing these diapers.  They obviously put time into designing and making these adult diapers for the ABDL community exclusively.  I am not going to complain about that at all.  Their customer service is unmatched – especially if you have a problem.  If you have a problem with their diaper such as you received a defective product they are very quick and good about replacing that product for you if it occurs.  They also listen to their customers…hence this diaper.  We all wanted a different print – well we got one with a bit more thickness and absorbency.  They have always listened in my opinion – and if something is defectively wrong with any diaper – they will fix the problem.  You have to respect that in a company because not all of them do that.

Overall: The New Bambino Diaper is a phenomenal adult diaper with probably the best absorbency and performance on the market.  While it is not the “Thickest” diaper on the market – it is not too far off either.  The cute print appeals to me and is definitely a big positive as I think it is more babyish than a lot of other prints on the market.  I am not one too look for the thickest diaper visually but I care more about how a diaper absorbs and performs and when it comes to that – this New Bambino Diaper is unmatched in MY opinion.  The fit is perfect on me but this is highly variable to everyone else as some people will like the fit and others won’t.  Just how that part goes.  I think it is a GREAT addition to the Bambino Diaper line of products and if you can you should definitely check it out.  The price is a little bit more right now but understandable in my opinion considering the added absorbency, performance, cute print, and uniqueness of the diaper.

Note: These are my opinions and my experience with the diaper – everyone is going to have a different experience – good, bad, better, worse – I LOVE this new diaper – someone else might not or think its not worth it.  Definitely understandable as everyone is different and wants different things.  Overall, you have to give a company credit for giving good customer service and producing great products for our community in the end because not many companies do that..