Well everyone Bambino Diapers has done it again. They have released their all new Bianco all white diapers. These diapers extra super thick and are all white. These truly are one of the most amazing adult diapers ever made. I cannot wait to get my hands on some. IMABDL.com will be offering DISCOUNT CODES soon on these all new diapers so be sure to register there to be part of that. But here is a photo of them below:

Bambino Bianco White Diapers

As you can see these are absolutely beautiful diapers. They are supposively thicker than the original Bambino. They don’t have little baby prints on them but not everyone wants those baby prints on the front of their diapers. But, this diaper truly can appeal to the ABDL crowd as well as the everyday incontinent person looking for a little extra protection from leakage and to go longer without diaper changes. Bambino has done an amazing job of designing these diapers and I think everyone should applaud them on their efforts. I am going to get my hands on a few of these as soon as I can. And, remember discount codes will soon be available on IMABDL.com since Bambino is the official sponsor.