Diapers come in model years now, who knew?

No, just kidding. Bambino Diapers are not actually calling their upgraded Bellissimo the “Bellissimo 2014.” (It sounds sporty, though, doesn’t it? Like an Italian race car or something.)

But upgrade they have, so that the Bellissimo you get if you order now is not quite the same Bellissimo you got if you ordered a month or two ago. Let’s explore, shall we?


First off, don’t mind the upside-down print in these photos. Bambino got a bunch of misprinted lots from their supplier, and offered a small discount that I was happy to take advantage of. (It was only 3% off, but hey, that’s beer money.) Other than the angle of the graphic it’s the same as all the other new Bambino Bellissimos.

So what’s new?

1. Softer Backing

This is the marquee change: a softer, smoother, and more flexible material for the waterproof exterior backing.

It’s there, it’s noticeable, and it’s nice. The surface of the new backing feels very similar to the old backing when you touch it, but it moves and flexes quite differently.

The new backing is more flexible and less stiff. You get less wrinkles and creases in the diaper, and less audible crinkling when it moves as well. (I realize that’s a negative for some ABDL crinkle-fans, but most users will appreciate the quieter diaper.)

The more flexible surface also plays nicer with the “landing strip”, so that you don’t get the sharp-edged creases in it that plagued the old Bellissimo’s. To my mind, that’s the most noteworthy improvement in the new model.

2. Higher Waistband

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the new model about doubles the size of the ribbed waistband above the landing strip.

That’s a minor change, but a nice one: the broader surface area means less pressure from a tightly-taped diaper, especially when it’s under pressure (i.e., wet and heavy).

It does mean you’ve got a little more diaper sticking out above the waistband of your pants/skirt, unfortunately, but Bellissimos aren’t terribly concealable diapers regardless. It’s a worthwhile tradeoff to my mind.

3. Smoother Interior Lining

This one’s hard to see unless you look closely, but the mesh interior lining has been replaced with a smoother one. The old linings had a grid of visible pores; the new ones are fine enough to appear solid-textured.


You’re not going to feel a huge difference, but every little bit of smoothness counts against your skin. In terms of “handfeel” (to borrow some garment industry jargon), the change on the inside is actually more noticeable than the change on the outside. It’s definitely a smoother feeling as you run your hand along the interior.

So that’s the new Bambino Bellissimo — a few minor tweaks that add up to a marked improvement on an already great product! Absorbency hasn’t changed at all, but comfort definitely has, putting this one right up at the top of the market.

Now if only they’d start making their most absorbent diapers in plain white as well…