Attends with waistbandI thought I would write about the type of diaper that I wear the most in hopes of maybe convincing some that they are really good. My main kind of diaper that I wear is Attends with Waistband…the ones with 3 tapes on each side. They are my absolute favorite because the tapes hold really well and they do hold their fair amount of pee. The diaper is really babyish to with it being really crinkly and the waistband just adds to it to hold the diaper close to you. It DOES NOT have that cloth feel on the outside like some diapers do. These have the real baby feel to them. They are somewhat hard to find in stores so I get mine online from online stores because they are typically cheaper also to order in bulk instead of one package at a time. I always carry an extra diaper with me into work but only one because I usually only need 1 change with this adult diaper because they hold so well. The price is really good in comparison to a lot of other diapers as well which is especially why I like them..