I have had a lot of people ask about how I began wearing diapers so I thought I would go ahead and clear the air so that everyone will know 🙂

At a very young age I was diagnosed with something called uninhibited neurogenic bladder, which basically means that my bladder did not develop normally when I was younger. The definition of the condition is, “a condition, either congenital or acquired, of abnormal urinary bladder function whereby normal inhibitory control of detrusor function by the central nervous system is impaired or underdeveloped, resulting in urgency or enuresis.”  So yes I wear diapers for a medical reason and have for a very long time, but I do love diapers with everything that I am! They complete my life and without them I wouldn’t be who I am today and who I was back then! 🙂

Hopefully this clears the air, if you have any questions though feel free to ask I am not ashamed 🙂.