So, my readers have spoken and it looks to be a consensus on what will make my blog better overall.  I have received many suggestions so far but the biggest one seems to be to post more often.  I can definitely do that and I will do that.  I will post at least once everyday…it might not all be diaper related because something diaper related doesn’t happen to me everyday of course.  But, hopefully you all will be interested in a bit more about my life and my daily happenings too.  I also received a suggestion about a live chatroom where I would be on to talk and answer questions like 2 times a week.  Not a bad suggestion, the only thing I would request is that it does not turn into a chatroom where people get “nasty” to each other about things as I have seen in other chatrooms.  My whole goal for this blog is that it remain natural, clean, and organized.  So, I will look for a chatroom software that I can install into WordPress that will possibly allow me to do that.  Many of you have also requested more photos…which I thought would be a big one.  I will try to post photos more often.  The only thing I ask is that you be understanding as I am not always thinking about taking photos everyday or every week for that matter as I am busy between my job and hanging out with friends and what not.  But, note taken and I will definitely try to do that a bit more…in fact here is one of my latest:

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Another suggestion was to get Peter to post as well.  I asked him and he definitely said he would – he just never thought people would like to hear from him.  But, he will definitely post now as well.  So, look out for his posts.  Well, its early in the morning and I better get to bed so I will maybe post again later today.  Have a good Monday everyone..