So, I know I have been AWFUL at posting lately and that is definitely my fault.  I have let life really get in the way.  It is so funny because I have so many blog posts actually all ready written out – I just have to edit them and add pictures and stuff to them before I post them.  I just get so tired at the  end of the day a lot of time that I tend to get so lazy.  My own fault.  I am really trying to get better at organizing my day.

I recently was diagnosed with mild anemia which I think is what was making me so tired all the time…so I am now on iron supplements which should help me not feel so lethargic all the time and hopefully will help with my posting frequency and not being so fricken lazy.

I will admit though that taking iron supplements – I don’t know if it is just with me but they are making me constipated (I know too much information).  Usually, I am pretty regular going at least once a day and usually around the same time honestly.  But, since I have been taking iron sometimes I only go once every 2 days…I know every one is different but I didn’t really take too much notice until Peter said something about not having too change me as often and I started paying attention.  Anyone else have any experience with taking iron supplements and problems that came with it?  Also, for those that have been or are anemic – what did you do supplement wise, food wise, etc to help get iron levels back up to normal and get more energy?  Any tricks?

I hope everyone is doing well – SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE! Sorry, I get really excited about summer..