I hope everyone is having a good weekend and a good Saturday! I know I sure did! Well except for the fact that my poor Gators lost to Vanderbilt today by 3! It was a good game and I am proud of them for working hard but it is always sad when your team loses! I wouldn’t even change my diaper I was so nervous so I just sat there the whole time until it was all said and done!

Went out last night with a few of my friends! Ended up just going out to dinner and then a few drinks but I drank so much that I had to go and change myself in the car twice! Luckily I brought two diapers with me and had plenty of wipes and powder! But nothing too messy so ti wasn’t that bad 🙂

Other than that things are pretty slow this weekend. I’m getting ready to cuddle up in bed in my diaper and watch some girly movies 🙂 Gotta love these lay around evenings!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!