While I do enjoy sharing my photos and I do understand some of the risks with that – I was hoping that people would appreciate the reason why I copyright and do not want my photos distributed everywhere.  It seems as if someone has used some sort of software to copy my images from my blog and elsewhere.  If I continue to find people ripping off my photos and posting them elsewhere then I will be forced to stop taking photos and posting them and sharing them.

I understand I am sure there are some who save them somehow to their computer and I am willing to accept that…but NOT distribute them.  If I continually find my photos distributed on other sites then I will not take photos any longer and share them on here nor anywhere else.  I like to keep my photos here and only here as much as possible.

I am sure there are going to be the negative people and say “well if its on the internet then its fair game” – don’t bother commenting if you are going to say that.  I copyrighted them for a reason and have gone to a couple mewp_es to indicate I would not like them distributed everywhere.  Show a little bit of respect and courteousness for what other people provide, please.  This is the type of thing that makes me hesitant on sharing more photographs on the internet is because people go to great extremes and feel they can do what they want in this community and elsewhere.  If you are the one doing this – I would really appreciate it and warn you to stop..