Many people have “questioned” why I blog and say the things that I say. Some people find it hard to believe that a 20 something year old girl that actually has a life chooses to come onto a blog and tell complete strangers and a male dominated group about her life and happenings. I would say a lot of it comes out of jealousy to be quite honest. I am not trying to “toot my own horn” but the reality is that many of those that say things like this look at my situation and since they do not have it, they automatically assume its not real or fake. It is unfortunate but seems to be a large part of some people’s psyche. There are a lot of things that I do not have or that other people have that they love about their life that seems out of reach to me but I do not sit there and say that it is untrue. I am sure there are some other reasons for people to question why a girl that wears diapers comes onto a blog and reveals so much about her life. Probably some of them include the fact that this is the internet and some people just don’t trust others (understandable), some people think they “know” girls (lol), and some people probably just think they are “good” at picking out bullshit. Anytime anyone does these to me, its extremely laughable to me. Don’t get me wrong – it may seem like I reveal a lot about myself but in reality I do leave out revealing factors about me, certain happenings, etc. that would completely expose me, what I do, where I work, etc etc…so I guess some things don’t seem to add up to people sometimes because quite frankly they don’t LOL. I include snippets of my life, not my WHOLE life. I change names of others a lot of times, exclude names of local places, etc because I can’t reveal everything unfortunately.

Anyways, the main reason I do what I do on this blog is because it is a way for me to express a lot of my inner-feelings about diaper related things.  I am a very emotional person and diapers are an emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical part of my life.  I can’t exactly release all my thoughts and emotions about diapers and adult baby type stuff in the real world so I blog.  Some people wonder what I could possibly get from every once and a while spilling the beans about a messy diaper happening or something like that…well here is the reason so many of you have been waiting for: I find the notion and idea of certain things like messing in my diaper, wetting my diaper, diaper changes, diapers in public, etc to be quite exciting even after so many years…especially after embracing the whole diaper lover thing and becoming involved.  Yeh, yeh – it happens everyday and I should be immune to it all – but that is just not the case for me.  No matter how you spin it, wearing diapers is “different” then the norm in society unfortunately…so its hard to completely forget about diapers in every aspect of my life even though it is so second nature.  So, sometimes it builds up and I just want to talk about it and express some of the adrenaline rushing events that happen in my life.  Plain and simple.  Some things that happen to me are second nature but to some of you probably would not be and would be exciting.

My personality is very forward.  I have always been that way.  I have to find a way to express myself on certain things and really there is not too many ways to express yourself in diaper related things in my case unless its to Peter basically so this is my main outlet.  Other reasons are still big and they include helping others, showing people that not everyone in the ABDL community is crazy, interacting with people, etc.  There are good people in the world and I try to be one of them.  I am not perfect as many close to me will tell you but just realize that while some of the things I say or do may seem far-fetched to you, that does not mean they aren’t true or something like that.  I try to address things that are beneficial to others a lot of times and help them see the “light” per se.  I will NEVER just flat out lie on this blog on purpose because that is just not me…so I choose to leave some things out sometimes which if YOU (the reader) had that information some things might “add” up on some things a bit better.  But, I can’t always give you every tid bit of my life..