So I was doing some thinking and I have some more thoughts..but the first is more of a question:

1) When IMABDL was created I worked very hard to make sure that everything was perfect with the photos I submitted and that I was pleasing those in the ABDL community, however, as time has passed I feel as though it is missing something and needs more! I was wondering if any of you thought of any other ideas to add to the photos for the site? I would love to hear from you because you are those that I am trying to please and make happy through everything that I put into this site! Just thought I’d get some opinions 🙂

Pictures on Diapers Alright for my second thought I have become OBSESSED with diapers that i have Cute prints on them! 🙂 I have a whole bunch and I would love to share some kinds with you all if you are interested but they are just awsome! Not only are most of them very thick and very good at holding a lot but they are SO cute and I just can’t help but feel so cute and girly in them 🙂 I know that is not what all of you are going through but I really like them! I don’t have any like the ones above but it was just an example because I believe these are my new obsession for the time being! haha

Have a wonderful Friday my diaper friends!.