Someone asked a question about roughly how much do I spend a month on diapers.  That is actually a really good question.  I truly had to sit there and think about exactly what I buy in a month.  So, here is the breakdown of what I spend roughly per month on adult diapers and diaper related products (i.e. baby powder, vaseline, etc).  In regards to diapers I probably spend in the range of $70 a month on adult diapers.  I typically order one case of Bambino Diapers a month so that runs a lot cheaper now since they came out with their new lower prices (helped me out a lot!).  Then, I typically order 1 package of Attends diapers a month so that is roughly $20 give or take…so, it comes out to roughly $70-$80 per month on adult diapers alone.  Which, is not too bad.  A lot of times I still have some leftover from the previous month so I may not order as many diapers the next month – it just depends whether I have more accidents or messes that month.  Just varies.  In regards to the baby accessories – I typically spend probably $10 a month on this sort of stuff.  Mainly that is wipes because messes typically take a bit more wipes to clean up so I usually buy the refiller pack of Pampers Swipers (thicker wipe for “big messes”) which runs roughly $6.  Then, probably $4 for maybe some additional baby powder or baby vaseline to prevent chaffing.  Sometimes, I will buy Desitin so that factors into the cost per month sometimes.

Obviously, this varies certain months but on average that is roughly the amount spent on diapers per month.  I have a huge stash of diapers honestly so if I wanted to take off a few months and not buy any diapers then I could but I am the type of person that likes to feel comforted about having a lot of diapers.  I know, I know – I am strange like that.  But, I would estimate that I probably have over 500 diapers at any given time.  Many are still in their case boxes but yeh.  Being incontinent makes you always prepared for the worst so I make sure I have a good stock of adult diapers and baby accessories such as baby powder and wipes on hand just in case.

Hopefully that answered your question on how much I spend roughly on diapers per month.  I am curious how different I am compared to others…what does everyone else spend ‘roughly’ of course on diapers and baby accessories per month?.