I got up this morning and I have to admit that I usually do not have messy accidents during the night time so this was a rare occurrence for me honestly.  Peter was actually quite surprised when he checked me this morning to find out that I had actually pooped my diaper.  He really didn’t have to check because of the smell but I was sort of surprised myself when I woke up.  I don’t know if I ate something last night at the restaurant we went to last night or what that made me mess at night but usually my fecal incontinence does not “happen” at night oddly enough.  But, times like these remind me that it can truly happen anytime.  It was bad enough that he had to take it off of me in the bathroom and I had to just take a shower because it was easier to get cleaned up after he wiped me down a little bit.  Took a quick snapshot of it – I was honestly stunned because it hadn’t happened at night in awhile.

poopy adult diaper

Don’t mind my random piece of long hair next to the diaper either.  I straighten my hair so obviously it is damaged from that so my hair falls out quite a bit when I brush it.  But, yeh as you can see – no big surprise I wet as I usually have a wet diaper in the morning but wow I cannot believe I pooped in my diaper at night…I honestly don’t think that has happened in literally months.  Anyways the Secure X-Plus diaper I had on held up very well and did not leak anything so I was pretty happy with that considering the diaper was pretty heavy when Peter took it off.  Anyways, that is my random rambling for today – I know its random but I was just amazed that I had a “poop accident” since I rarely have em at night.  But, yeh – yay me I guess lol.  I hope everyone is having a good week and everyone is getting excited for the weekend.  Anyone doing anything fun this weekend?.