I know, I know – another apologizing post.  My life is extremely hectic right now – we are in the midst of moving into a house from our current apartment so things are all over the place.  We just now got internet back – been without it for the last week during the transfer.  But, I just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know I am still alive and well 🙂

Just going through a pivotal moment in our lives right now with a big move and a few job related things too so once we get the new house setup and everything calms down – I will be able to hook up my external hard drive which I took a bunch of new diaper pictures with and I will be sure to slowly post them since I know I haven’t posted any photos in a while.  Believe it or not – it is hard to find interesting things to post about after I have been posting for basically 3+ years.

Maybe I need a “suggestion” form that people fill out for topics that I just post on sometimes.  That way – whatever the topic you all submit – I will post on the topic.  I would of course appreciate the topics being someone thoughtful and not “how to change messy diaper” – something with a bit more thought or uniqueness or legitimate questions would be much appreciated.  But, I will hopefully get that setup here in the next few days as that would make my life a lot easier than trying to come up with topics all the time and not repeat.  I know I bore some people out there but you have to understand that I am just like most of you in the sense that I am not really that unique and my life is pretty monotonous at times as with most people..