My incontinence is not caused by a formal disease but rather it is caused by congenital birth defect.  Internal structures in my body were not fully formed and that is what causes my incontinence.  There are no true surgical options for my birth defects that can cure my incontinence.  There are ‘experimental’ surgical options that are not covered by insurance and are not guaranteed to work that I have opted not to do at this stage in my life.  For one thing, with insurance not covering them they are extremely expensive.  I would rather manage my incontinence with diapers and sometimes medication.  I have taken a few medications to try and just manage it but they are expensive and not that effective.  They would never be able to cure it anyways just reduce it.  Not much can honestly be done for structural defect incontinence that you are born with and never fully formed.  I don’t know the whole medical terminology for what didn’t form but it is a combination between my bladder and the nerves within the bladder that send signals to the brain indicating that you have to urinate or defecate.

I accepted a long time ago that diapers were going to be a part of my life forever and I made the absolute best of it.  Now, I love diapers and can’t imagine my life without them.  They give me so much more then management for urinary and fecal incontinence; they give me comfort, security, and joy in general that I love.  Sometimes life gives you things that may seem like a curse at the time but honestly if you learn to embrace it and make the best out of it then it will usually turn out to be a positive thing in your life rather than a negative.  Life is too short to be filled with negative things, fill it with positives!

Supposively, birth defect incontinence is not as common as other forms of incontinence but it is fairly common in the overall statistics.  That is what I was told at least.  Honestly, if there was an operation that was discovered tomorrow that would fix my incontinence, I would not have it.  This is who I am and I have learned to cope and make the best of it.  It really doesn’t cause me that much trouble as many may think.  I mean the hardest thing to watch out for really is poopy diapers in really public and close quarter areas and the only thing there is I just don’t want others to have to “suffer” the smell if I do happen to mess my diapers.  But, even that can be managed with plastic pants which significantly reduces the smell.

P.S. Thanks to Calista for your question – hopefully this answered it!.