Well first off today was great! the presentation went really well so I am feeling so much more relaxed and down to earth now than i was feeling when I posted earlier this morning! haha I hope everyone else had a good day as well! peter took me out to dinner to celebrate both that it went well and that it was over, I think he was kind of tired of hearing about it too! lol

I had another question today about do i know if I am peeing or not when I do. Yes, I do realize that I am going to the bathroom when it occurs, however I cannot control when it happens most of the time. But yes I do realize it is happening so I know mostly when my diaper is full! That is why Peter and I work to check each other to make sure we aren’t going to leak and to see when we have made a mess or our diapers are too full… again I hope this answers the question 🙂

Night Night Diaper Loves!.