So, we finally finished moving! Wow that was a crazy experience and lets say I never want to do it like that again.  We are stupid and moved only “some” of our stuff in a moving truck and transported the rest ourselves in our cars.  Needless to say we had more stuff than we thought and it took forever to get everything moved but we finally did it.

I have to say that it was the funniest conversation with the moving truck guys when they were helping us move our stuff.  We had them move our diapers just because there were boxes of them and just easier to put them in the moving truck.  The conversation basically started out with a “Wow, that is a lot of diapers” and my response was “Yeh, we go through them quickly – you would be surprised”.  The look on their faces was absolutely priceless.  It led to about a 30 minutes conversation while we were helping them load some of the stuff about adult diapers.  The conversation ranged from incontinence which we explained to them that is why we had them and they talked about how their grand parents of course have incontinence…blah blah that type stuff.  It ranged all the way to curious questions on how to we manage to conceal them in public and deal with that sort of thing in every day life.  We just gave general answers like “you would be surprised how easy it is” peppered with some details.  But, we were tired and honestly did not feel like going in depth on the whole how we deal with adult diapers on a daily basis topic.  But, they were both really cool guys and treated us like normal people so we appreciated that and it showed in how we tipped them.

Anyways, just getting the computers setup now and some sort of office going in our new place so we can efficiently manage all the stuff we have.  It has been one crazy month and I am really looking forward to getting back on track with this blog but like I have always said life comes first.  This blog is extremely important to me and has been with me for years and helped me through a lot of tough times…its like my “baby”.  But, just wanted to give everyone an update on where my busy life was at the moment and keep posted for more updates and posts as we get our computers setup and everything back online and running smoothly.  May even take some pictures of our new place as well 😉.