I know this probably isn’t as good as me modeling diapers but like I said I do enjoy taking photos and however poor I am at photography – I still like taking pictures.  So check out these two diaper photos of Peter I took:

Peter in Bambino DiapersPeter Modeling Bambino Diapers

Hot right? LOL. Well they are hot to me at least.  I took them after we got back from getting chinese food one night.  He didn’t want me to take any because he felt really fat and he hates taking pictures when he feels fat.  The lighting was not very good where I took the picture so I desaturated the photos so they are black and white basically.  Kind of makes my photos look a little more professional than they were.  My boyfriend the diaper model.  Sorry, I feel like being silly today.  I hope you enjoyed the photos and if you missed it be sure to read up on my review of the Bambino Quadro Boosters..