OK, so I know this post is completely off-topic but I just had to vent my opinion on this.  As much as I think Michael Jackson was a terrific actor/performer and did more than anyone else could do for the music industry – his family is absolutely the most disgusting people out there.  Michael was all about the fans and wanting to make everyone else happy – but, his whole family is just money-hungry and looking for attention.  We may never know exactly what happened to Michael Jackson that led to his death but what if it was just completely accidental…I mean, Joe Jackson last night on Larry King Live talking about conspiracy this and conspiracy that.  These people are just trying to stir the pot.  This is exactly how possibly innocent people get demonized in this society.  Every time I turn around they are doing some stupid interview and talking about the same garbage…and you better believe they are getting paid to do these interviews.  I understand they want “justice” for their son/brother/whatever but there might not be this huge conspiracy and what not they are talking about.  His family I think is just stretching this out because the more publicity, controversy, whatever they cause = more money for them.  Its really unfortunate because Michael Jackson was completely opposite from his greedy family members.  His family members aren’t humble nor do they use any sense of compassion.  They don’t care if they ruin other people’s lives possibly by dragging and calling out all these people in Jackson’s life just because they are theorizing some mass conspiracy.  Lets just slander everyone’s name with little proof of anything just because I don’t like these people.

OK, I am done venting.  I could rant all day about the specifics and more about Michael Jackson’s family but I would just be boring you 🙂 I know, completely off topic but some people want to know what I think about outside of the ABDL world and well this is just one of those things that disgusts me because I feel Michael Jackson’s family is completely emberrassing what Michael Jackson stood for..