Wow today was crazy! and it really isn’t even over yet! I have a dinner meeting tonight here in like 3 hours and I feel like I am in a whirlwind!! Well today was fine to start but then I ate lunch and well lets just say my stomach did not agree with me whatsoever!! So i  messed my diaper really bad and had to go to the bathroom to change! Once I had changed myself though not even 2 hours later it happened again, this time not as bad though! But i didn’t bring enough changes so I ended up having to just sit in it until I got home! luckily I had some perfume with me so I think that covered up the smell for most of the day!

I am home not getting ready to shower and change! I hope everyone is having a great day! Tomorrow is Friday and let me tell you i can hardly wait!! I wish peter were here right now too 🙁 I wish he could change me but instead i am just going to shower it off haha! Well more later after I get back!!