I just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas even though it is a little late and an early Happy New Years.  If you are Jewish then…Happy Hanukkah time.  I hope everyone got what they wanted presents wise.  What did everyone get? Anything exciting?  I got a lot of clothes because that is what I like but I did get a new Ipod Shuffle and running headphones for my new found love of trying to workout more.  Nothing too exciting?  If you got any interesting or really awesome gift I would love to know.

Also, if there are any girls out there or maybe anyone with any experience with using headbands too hold your hair up and keeping it from falling in your face when you run please suggest some.  I typically used ones from Target or Walmart but those aren’t cutting it.  I have heard good things about Nike’s brands but wasn’t sure.  So, if you have any experience with that – would love to hear your suggestions.

Just ordered my new cases of Teddy Bambinos as I ran out out of them so with some of my Christmas money I got I figured I could use some of it on couple cases of Bambino Diapers.  Anyone else using some of their Christmas cash on diapers?  I typically do it every year.  Funny story, we were traveling this holiday season and it was a LONG LONG drive.  I was wearing one of those Unique Wellness diapers in the car and for anyone who hasn’t tried them, I figured they would be OK for the drive but oh how wrong I was.  I leaked all over my seat and jeans.  I wasn’t about to change into another one of those so we had to actually stop and we bought some of the Depends from CVS which actually didn’t leak on the first wetting while sitting down like the Unique Wellness did on me.  The Depends obviously didn’t hold much at all but they didn’t leak on me so that was good.  But, I  hadn’t worn a Depends diaper in a long time and it felt so weird because of how paper thin it was.  Those things are meant for maybe 1-2 wettings lol.  I guess I have been spoiled with the Abenas, Bambinos and Molicares of the world..