I hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day Weekend and has been able to relax a bit. Where I live the weather has been absolutely beautiful. It could be a little warmer but its really not that bad. I don’t want to complain too much because it has been sunny and not a cloud in the sky.

My Memorial Day is going to involve a lot of time hanging out with some friends of ours coming over to our place. We are having about 8 people come over to our place and we are just going to grill out and have a good time. I think Peter is excited about having some guys to go up and play football with up at a local park nearby since we got enough people and the weather is so beautiful. So, I am sure we will all go up there and watch the boys throw around a football and act like they are Brett Favre for awhile.

I think it is so funny how men when they play sports do some crazy play or something and then they act like they should be in the pros because it was such a good play. Haha, I have made fun of Peter multiple times for that. I guess it is just a guy thing.

Anyways, we are planning on having the typical hamburgers, hot dogs, and I think we are even making some chicken too. Some of our friends like to eat real lean and hamburgers and hot dogs aren’t exactly lean foods so we are making some chicken as well. Nothing better than the smell of grilling out on a beautiful day with no work.

Yesterday, we went and did some shopping around town looking for a pair of sandals to wear for the summer. I never thought it would be so hard to find sandals in white that don’t look stupid or aren’t 3-4 inches tall without spending a fortune.

There was a funny moment though yesterday when I was trying on a pair of sandals in Macy’s – I had a pair of jean shorts on and I was leaning over I guess and my diaper I guess stuck out a ton when I bent over trying a random pair of shoes on…(was there for sandals but I tried on some shoes too lol) and one of the employees saw that was helping us and Peter said the look on her face was priceless but in a good way. She seemed so unhelpful to us before that…then after she I guess saw my diaper I think she felt bad for me or something and she started being super nice and caring almost like I was some person with a deadly disease. I guess she assumed I was like some sort of handicapped person after that and just started acting really nice to us and even gave us an additional discount on the sandals I ended up settling on later. I guess it was one of those things you just had to be there for because it was like a 180 degree difference in her attitude from the beginning until when she saw my diaper. Hey, I don’t mind – it got me an additional discount and I only paid $22 for a $50 pair of sandals…score one for the diaper girl!

Also, updated the exclusive photos section with a few more diaper pictures!