Snuggies diapers have been around a while but I have sort of been delayed in getting around to trying them. I thought they always looked cute but never got to try them. So, I made the jump and tried them and was very impressed. I am going to do a formal review of them as they are an amazing adult diaper, very cute and comfortable.

Snuggies Diapers

I will say they are a different feel and cut than Bambino Diapers. They are a little more fitting than Bambino Diapers which I like.

My life has been calming down a bit lately and I have been trying to really make a commitment to enjoying life a bit more than stressing all the time. I tend to stress about little things a lot. My job requires me to work a fair amount during the day which I must say is depressing if you think about it that you miss some of the most beautiful portions of the day. I try not to think about it because it just depresses me.

I wish I knew someone honestly that was very “entrepreneurial” in nature that I could help work with because I really do not want to work a 8-5 job and I just want to eventually be home for my kids one day. I work really hard but would love to become involved somehow with a partner in some sort of joint venture. It would be really neat.

Until that day I will just press on and work hard…and walk around my backyard enjoying my diapers!