I am home right now waiting on Peter to get off work, and we are having some bad thunderstorms. I remember as a kid hating thunderstorms but now I think they are one of my favorite things.  it is another time when diapers just make me feel so protected that I think they almost give me a new since of confidence and sercurity and things like thunderstorms that used to scare me don’t anymore! We are actually under tornado watches which is really scary, but I’d feel better if Peter would get home! I Don’t like knowing that he is out there in this scariness 🙁

So i went to the store last night and bought some stool softeners. I didn’t want to do an enema or take any strong laxatives so I am thinking this is helping though. i have already pooped once today and I think that it will slowly get me back on a more regular schedule! I’ll let you know if i find anything that definitely works! Well off to wait for Peter to get home, hopefully soon!.