After looking at those pajamas today it made me want to go snuggle up in the footie pajamas that I already had! haha so even though it is really not that cold that is exactly what i did! Peter probably thought that i was crazy it being 5 pm and I was already in my pj’s! 🙂 but it was fun! I just cooked peter dinner and then we watched some tv!

I hope everyone had a great Tuesday! I know tuesday is my least fun day because it is not quite halfway through the week and its not the beginning either, seems kind of pointless to me! 🙂 wow can you say I am rambling on 🙂

Peter forgot to take a diaper to work with him today! So when he got home he had such a messy diaper and i had to spend about 20 minutes just cleaning him up and getting him ready so that we could go and eat the dinner that I had made him 🙂 Well thats about all for my day.. Goodnight! See ya in the Morning! hugs!.