Here I go again with spending a little too much time on adult message boards talking to others about the wonderful world of ABDL! 🙂 Anyways, a post that I was reading was talking about the longest amount of time that you have spent in one single diaper. So i began to think about what the longest amount of time in one diaper is and I think the max for me was about 12 hours. I could be wrong but I am usually pretty good about changing myself. The only times I can’t is sometimes at work with things get too busy, or when I am on long trips or something of that nature. But i’m pretty sure I have been in the same one for AT LEAST 12 hours!

So… on this note I started to look up to see if there was any problems with this, because honestly sometimes I enjoy this feeling of a wet diaper, it somehow is oddly comforting to me! The only thing that i came across of course was that it can cause diaper rash because the urine is acidic which after long periods of time can irritate and burn the skin.  Urine is also however sterile so there is nothing in it that could cause anything above irritation and diaper rash.  So, I guess if you know that you are not going to be able to change yourself I would use lots of powder to keep yourself nice and protected!

So anyways, out of curiosity how long have some of you all gone in the same diaper?