Well tonight I am going to bed earlier because I am for one worn out! I can’t believe that tomorrow is only Wednesday but I am trying to keep a positive outlook on it! Peter and I went for a walk tonight with our dogs since we felt they needed to get off their lazy butts and take a walk! It was so nice to walk in the evening because it felt so nice.. i LOVE summer nights, even though it is technically not summer yet! Somewhere along the way Peter messed his diaper big time and it was the funniest thing I have ever seen Our dog Jack whom I was walking kept walking up and sniffing him. I knew he had done it because I had checked him but hadn’t brought anything with me to change. Jack just kept sniffing him the whole way home, I think he knew as well as I did that Peter was in dire need of a change. I on the other hand was good this evening 🙂

I just want to encourage anyone who enjoys to talk and to write to start a blog! I know some people, especially in the ABDL community, can be very critical but it is so much fun and well worth it. Even though there are negative people in this world the positive people and the wonderful people that I have met through my blog is awesome and it is kind of a stress reliever to write at the end of each day. So I just thought I’d throw that in there that EVERYONE who is interested should start a blog! Of course if you have any question you can ALWAYS contact me!!

Hugs! and Goodnight!.