It was a long day that is for sure. Peter and I both got home slightly later than expected but we were still able to make some dinner and have a little diaper cuddle time. I have a big presentation in the morning that I have to get ready for so I am working on that tonight. I wanted to get more done at work today but because it was Monday and things just kept getting thrown at me one by one I found no time to even start on it. I don’t think I will be getting much sleep tonight.

Peter brought me lunch today at work. I wasn’t expecting it at all and I was happy I was there because I had thought about heading back home. He also brought me a new fresh diaper so we were able to sneak into the bathroom and let him change me while I was still on lunch. It was so nice not to have to sit in a big wet diaper all day! Thank you hunnie!

Welp off to get some work started..Hugs!.